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      2013年06月09日 08:04
      Patten drills
      11. T: planted any trees---so far---1000 tress
      S1: Have you planted any trees yet?
      S2: No, we haven’t planted any trees yet.
      S3: Yes, so far we’ve planted 1000 trees.
      (1) seen an English film---up till now---five English films
      (2) seen a lot of your new neighbour---recently
      (3) got to know lots of people---since we came here 
      (4) been to the theater---so far---three times
      (5) discussed the chapters---so far---seven chapters
      12. T: water the garden 
      S1: Tell her to water the garden 
      S2: She’s already watered the garden 
      (1) iron the clothes
      (2) sweep the floor
      (3) walk the dog
      (4) make a cake
      (5) make the beds
      (6) have her hair done
      (7) get dressed 
      (8) turn down the radio
      (9) turn on the air-conditioner
      13. T: write a letter to him---last week 
      S1: Have you written him a letter?
      S2: Yes, I have. I wrote him a letter last week
      (1) buy a sport car---last month
      (2) finish your research paper---the other day
      (3) receive a birthday present---yesterday
      (4) reserve a single room---yesterday
      (5) visit your headmaster---last Sunday
      (6) have your lunch--- an hour ago
      14. T: go to New York---last year---two weeks
      S1: When did you go to New York?
      S2: I went to New York last year.
      S1: How long were you there?
      S2: I was there for two weeks.
      (1) go abroad—in 1998---two years
      (2) go to Chicago---last June---a month
      (3) go to the southern part of China---last summer---four weeks
      (4) go to the coast--- two years ago---seven days
      (5) go to that remote village---last December---a year
      (6) go to Chengdu---last winter---fifteen days
      15. T: go abroad
      S1: Is he going to go abroad?
      S2: He’s already gone abroad!
      (1) read the novel
      (2) watch the film
      (3) read the newspaper
      (4) water the flowers
      (5) wash the car
      (6) turn off the lights
      (7) turn on the TV
      (8) shut the windows 
      (9) iron his clothes
      (10) peel the onions
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