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      Patten drills
      6. T: John’s late for school---often
      S1: John’s often late for school.
      (1) help his mother in the kitchen---sometimes 
      (2) go to the library---frequently
      (3) is washing the dishes---still
      (4) go to school on foot----always
      (5) go to the cinema with his parents---rarely
      (6) go to the pub after work---usually
      7. T: go to see my aunt in hospital
      S1: I came to see you yesterday but you were out. Where were you?
      S2: I went to see my aunt in hospital.
      (1) see my friend off at the airport
      (2) go to the butcher’s 
      (3) go for a picnic with a friend
      (4) visit the museum
      (5) go for a walk with my grandmother
      (6) do some shopping 
      (7) go to work
      (8) go to the bookstore
      8. T: watch television--- go to bed early 
      S1: Did you watch television yesterday evening?
      S2: No, I didn’t. I went to bed early.
      (1) go to a concert---stay at home
      (2) write an essay---write some letters
      (3) help John with his homework---do my own homework
      (4) have a date---go to the cinema alone
      (5) go jogging---read a book
      (6) visit Mary---go to see Amy
      9. T: go to the bookstore with my father
      S1: Did you spend the whole day in your room yesterday?
      S2: No, I went to the bookstore with my father in the afternoon.
      (1) go to a concert
      (2) plant flowers in the garden
      (3) go to the library to renew my books
      (4) go to the museum
      (5) buy my mother a pretty birthday present
      (6) go swimming 
      10. T: get up---been up for two hours
      S1: Has he got up yet?
      S2: Yes, he’s been up for two hours.
      (1) come back---been in college for a week
      (2) go to college--- been in college for a year
      (3) the film begin---been on for ten minutes
      (4) become an English teacher---been an English teacher for fifteen years
      (5) go to Shenzhen---been in Shenzhen for two weeks
      (6) come down with an illness---been ill for three days
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