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      Patten drills
      1. T: plant a tree----in the corner of the garden----yesterday
      S1: When did he plant a tree in the corner of the garden?
      S2: He planted a tree in the corner of the garden yesterday. 
      S3: Yesterday he planted a tree in the corner of the garden.
      (1) read a book--- in the reading room ----this morning
      (2) go window-shopping----on Fifth Avenue---last Monday
      (3) do an experience--- in the lab---this afternoon
      (4) post a letter---in the post office---the day before yesterday
      2. T: She was angry when she spoke to me. 
      S1: How did she speak to you?
      S2: She spoke to me angrily.
      (1) He is a patient teacher.
      (2) My mother is a sound sleeper.
      (3) She was a fast runner.
      (4) He is quick when he answers questions. 
      3. T: play with--- a lovely girl in the park.
      S1: Who did you play with in the park?
      S2: I played with a lovely girl in the park.
      (1) see---a wonderful painting----in the gallery (when)
      (2) watch---a thrilling film---in the cinema (what)
      (3) listen to---some light music---in the living-room (what)
      (4) meet---an old friend---in the street (who)
      4. T: jog in the park 
      S1: John’s wanted on the phone. Tell him to come here. 
      S2: I can’t find him. What’s he doing?
      S3: I think he’s jogging in the park.
      (1) have a shower 
      (2) play football
      (3) do his homework
      (4) pack his suitcase
      (5) surf on the Internet
      (6) water the garden
      5. T: drive fast/ slowly---have an important appointment 
      S1: Does Mary always drive fast?
      S2: No, she usually drives slowly.
      S1: Why is she driving fast now?
      S2: She’s driving fast because she has an important appointment.
      (1) do her homework carelessly/ carefully---he upset
      (2) talk to people loudly/ softly---talking to an old man
      (3) speak rudely/ politely to her friends---lose her temper
      (4) speak loudly/quietly ---try to make herself heard
      (5) teach lesson slowly/ quickly---make all the students understand
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